Custom-made relaxing massage

90 € – 45 minutes
Unwind and feel relaxed with a massage that provides a sense of complete calmness, relaxation and tranquillity. During this custom-made experience, your therapist will massage the key areas of your choice: head neck trapezius, back, legs or foot. The movements applied on your body serve to rebalance the flow of your energies. All stiffness sensations disappears. The perfect way to leave behind all of the noise, hustle and bustle of the city life. A perfect start for your stay at Domaine des Etangs.


Deep massage invigorating and balancing

175 € – 90 minutes
Invigorating, almost energetic, this massage allows a relaxation by the power and force of the precise and invigorating movements used, yet one of the most regenerative massage that is offered at Moulin des Etangs. Despite this, it remains a relaxing well-being experience. Associated with a feeling of relaxation, this massage works to bring back energy and a well-being sensation.


Comforting body massage

185 € – 105 minutes
This treatment has been inspired by the dragonfly, the emblem of the Domaine des Etangs. This experience starts by a deep enveloping massage, bringing a feeling of harmony and relaxation. Mixing soft and energetic pressures, light then deep, it connects the body and the mind in a unique relaxation. This massage will reconnect you gently with earth.


Comforting detox body massage

175€ – 90 minutes
Fusion of Elements is a comforting body massage in which hot porcelain-made vials of different shapes complete the therapist gestures. Each small bottle has a specific design for a precise function, maximizing its property. The heat diffused by the vials increases the power of the products used and improves your massage’s benefits. Your well-being experience is entirely custom-made.


Unifying and revitalizing full body and face massage

115 € – 60 minutes
Inspired from the Hummingbird’s legend, this full body and face massage is ideal to restore your energy, essential to your well-being. The alternation of energyzing maneuvers, effleurages,strong and targeted hand pressures will revitalise your body in an atmosphere of kindness and serenity.


Specific massage for pregnant women

115 € – 60 minutes
This experience, created in a collaboration with a mid-wife and a chiropractor, aims to relax solicited body parts during pregnancy such as your back, legs and shoulders. This well-being moment is completely custom-made, relaxing and will create a nice connection with your baby.


Massage of the face, and feet and hands stimulation

175 € – 90 minutes
This specific facial massage offers a perfect relaxation. Designed to meet the vital needs of the skin, this facial massage provides radiance and a feeling of well-being. The facial features are smoothed, the face rested. Then, the hands and feet are stimulated by precise movements and following a sequence aimed at restoring balance.


Feet scrub, massage and treatment

135 € – 60 minutes
This experience begins with a foot scrub for you to unwind. You will go a step further with a tonic stimulating massage of your half legs bringing a sensation of immediate relaxation. Your well-being will be at its height during the application of a moisterizing and warm mask on your feet. This treatment is ideal to pamper your feet.