Detoxifying body scrub

70 € – 30 minutes
45 minutes – total duration of the experience
This scrub gives you a softened body and sublimed skin texture as well as procuring a tonic sensation. The scrub base is a mix of grinded wheat or if you prefer, a specific product selected by your practitioner in accordance to your skin type. This skin care was elaborated for women or men and is completed by a complete body hydration.


Full body care

175 € – 90 minutes
120 minutes – total duration of the experience
Rebirth starts with a body scrub and a «seasonal» wrap. It goes on with the application of a facial mask selected regarding your skin’s needs and a kind scalp massage. It is followed by a benevolent scalp massage. This ritual will finish with a full body moisturisation, bringing you back softly to the reality. This experience is adjusted to each season and will subliminate yourself from head to toe.


Excellence facial care

150 € – 90 minutes
105 minutes – total duration of the experience
This treatment combines with elegance and refinement the ingredients of a unique care by excellence. An unforgettable moment of well-being: an eight-step skincare treatment that combines make-up removal, ultra-effective scrub, exceptional massage, high-performance mask and final ice-effect smoothing.


Facial cares

Intensive moisturizing facial care
135 € – 75 minutes
Intensive youth facial care
135 € – 75 minutes
High protection eye care
105 € – 55 minutes
Soothing facial care
105 € – 50 minutes
Seasonal oxygenating facial care
105 € – 50 minutes
As everyone’s nature is unique, your skin has its proper characterisctics. It requires a tailored and steady care. Each of our five treatments are made to satisfy the needs of your skin.

These beauty rituals will brighten up the natural glow of your skin with specific treatments targeted to your needs. The experience specific to each treatment, will offer you an escape and an intense relaxation.


Man facial care

105 € – 60 minutes
90 minutes – total duration of the experience
Created specifically for men, this experience combines the gesture and the active ingredients to provide maximum comfort to the skin. High-precision cleaning, tailored-made facial mask, relaxing massage and anti-aging man-specific serum for a more resistant skin and an impeccable and radiant face.